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pair 4.5" green monster hands embroidered patch set Embroidered Pizza Slice Patch with Skull Pepperoni by Sourpuss Clothing 3.75" green embroidered "Greasy" pompadoured monster patch.
Pizza Slice Patch
Price: $7.50
Hot pink & black switchblade knife 5" embroidered patch iron or sew on applique embroidered "PERVERT" white banner on red tattoo flash heart and red & burgundy rose 4" patch 10" oversized black & white open-winged bat embroidered patch iron or sew on applique
2" "WEIRD!" slime green script on black metal clutch back lapel pin 4" Ghoul Trouble "WEIRD!" neon green script on black embroidered patch for your favorite jacket or vest 5" Ghoul Trouble "Electric Kitty" neon green & pink skeleton cat on black embroidered patch
Weird! Enamel Pin
Price: $7.50
Weird! Patch
Price: $7.50
5" Ghoul Trouble "Spook Yourself" neon green & pink staring skull on black embroidered patch Ghoul Trouble "Bat Trouble" 4" neon green & pink on black fierce bat face embroidered patch yellow fangs 1 3/8" switchblade-stabbed black hot pink heart flowers enameled metal lapel pin
Bat Trouble Patch
Price: $7.50
Classic novelty x-ray vision specs 5.25" x 1.75" red, white, black embroidered patch retro Halloween Crazy Cat 7/8" x 1 1/4" enameled metal clutch back pin retro Halloween "Nightmare Bride" mask 7/8" x 1 1/4" enameled metal clutch back pin
X-Ray Vision Patch
Price: $11.00
retro Halloween "Goldfish Man" face mask 7/8" x 1 1/4" yellow red black enameled metal clutch back pin The Clash at Mogador Theatre Poster Siouxsie Sioux 1981 Poster
Rocky Horror Picture Show 24" x 26" poster featuring Tim Curry's Dr. Frank N. Furter lounging on Patricia Quinn's iconic lips beneath the dripping blood font movie title 1954 Universal monster movie Creature from the Black Lagoon 24" x 36" illustrated color original release art poster Black & white photo of The Cramps classic 1980 lineup of Poison Ivy, Lux Interior, Bryan Gregory and Nick Knox, showing a come-hither gesture from Lux and Ivy's lovely smile 36" x 24" poster
1958 sci-fi movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman illustrated 24" x 36" color original release poster art poster black 5" arched banner patch grey embroidered outline "Daughters Ov Darkness" text 4" FEAR punk band name script logo black with white stitching embroidered patch
FEAR Logo Patch
Price: $7.50
Black and green embroidered Cramps logo patch Goblinko 1" by 1.5" metal & enamel pin with epoxy coating & two rubber clutches shows a green zombie hand with index finger pointing downward 5" x 2" die-cut vinyl sticker shaped like a pickle and reads "DILL WITH IT!" in green letters across the middle. Made by Goblinko.
Cramps Logo Patch
Price: $7.50
4" x 3" die-cut vinyl sticker of a yellow skull with pink candle melting on top 3.5" x 3.5" white, red and black die-cut vinyl sticker of a pepperoni pizza slice with a dagger stabbed through the center. Made by Goblinko. 4" x 2.5" blue, yellow and purple die-cut vinyl sticker by Goblinko shows a Hand Of Doom with a horned skull ring on the middle finger and a clawed index finger pointing downward.