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Embroidered Stay Sick! Patch by Kreepsville 666 Embroidered Good for Nothin' Patch by Kustom Kreeps for Sourpuss Clothing Embroidered Kustom Kreeps Creepy Devil Patch by Sourpuss Clothing
Stay Sick! Patch
Price: $7.50
Embroidered "Scuzzball" Four-eyed Cat Face Patch by Sourpuss Clothing 3" green embroidered "Oddball" text patch 3.75" green embroidered "Greasy" pompadoured monster patch.
Scuzzball Patch
Price: $6.50
Oddball Patch
Price: $8.50
3.5" embroidered Wolfman/Man mid-change face patch 3.75" embroidered vampire face patch 4.5" Creepy vaporous floating green ghoul embroidered patch
Wolfman Patch
Price: $6.50
Vampire Patch
Price: $6.50
Ghoul Patch
Price: $6.50
Bitch Heart Patch Embroidered Fuck You Rainbow Patch by Hollywood Mirror Embroidered X-Ray Unicorn Patch by Hollywood Mirror
Bitch Heart Patch
Price: $4.50
Kewpie Doll Patch by Okutani, Iron on, embroidered Ouija Board Patch, Iron on, embroidered Anatomic Heart Patch by hollywood mirror, iron on and embroidered
Kewpie Patch
Price: $4.50
Ouija Board Patch
Price: $4.50
Embroidered Bomb Patch by Hollywood Mirror Embroidered Poison Bottle Patch by Hollywood Mirror Death's Head Moth Patch
Bomb Patch
Price: $4.50
Metallic Embroidered Eye of Horus Patch Embroidered Godzilla Patch by Hollywood Mirror Embroidered Shark Patch by Hollywood Mirror
Godzilla Patch
Price: $4.50
Shark Patch
Price: $4.50
Embroidered T-Rex Patch by Hollywood Mirror Embroidered Metallic Siver Robot Patch by Hollywood Mirror Embroidered Creature from the Black Lagoon Patch
T-Rex Patch
Price: $4.50
Robot Patch
Price: $4.50
8.5" black snarling Panther face patch with silver, white, red, and yellow stitching 3" square Embroidered yellow "Pabst Powered" Patch Classic primary-colored patch pair of embroidered tattoo flash style swallows
Embroidered Keep on the Grass Sign Patch Embroidered 3" lightbulb-shaped white, blue and orange patch reads "I'm a Fuckin' Genius" 3" embroidered purple rose patch