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pair 4.5" green monster hands embroidered patch set Embroidered Pizza Slice Patch with Skull Pepperoni by Sourpuss Clothing 3.75" green embroidered "Greasy" pompadoured monster patch.
Pizza Slice Patch
Price: $7.50
Hot pink & black switchblade knife 5" embroidered patch iron or sew on applique embroidered "PERVERT" white banner on red tattoo flash heart and red & burgundy rose 4" patch 10" oversized black & white open-winged bat embroidered patch iron or sew on applique
4" Ghoul Trouble "WEIRD!" neon green script on black embroidered patch for your favorite jacket or vest 5" Ghoul Trouble "Electric Kitty" neon green & pink skeleton cat on black embroidered patch 5" Ghoul Trouble "Spook Yourself" neon green & pink staring skull on black embroidered patch
Weird! Patch
Price: $7.50
Ghoul Trouble "Bat Trouble" 4" neon green & pink on black fierce bat face embroidered patch yellow fangs Classic novelty x-ray vision specs 5.25" x 1.75" red, white, black embroidered patch black 5" arched banner patch grey embroidered outline "Daughters Ov Darkness" text
Bat Trouble Patch
Price: $7.50
X-Ray Vision Patch
Price: $11.00
4" FEAR punk band name script logo black with white stitching embroidered patch Black and green embroidered Cramps logo patch Embroidered UFOs Are Real! Patch by Goblinko
FEAR Logo Patch
Price: $7.50
Cramps Logo Patch
Price: $7.50
3" round embroidered sew on patch depicts a bloody brain being impaled by a dagger and the words " FUCK WHAT PEOPLE THINK! " in red thread against a white background. Embroidered Breakfast Club Patch by Goblinko Embroidered Do It Yourself Patch by Goblinko
Embroidered Get Rich Quick! Patch by Goblinko Embroidered Gimmie A Beer Patch by Goblinko Embroidered Ladyfinger Patch by Goblinko
Ladyfinger Patch
Price: $8.00
Embroidered Down With Everything Patch by Goblinko Embroidered 3" Round Witch Bitch Patch in Black, Pink & Yellow by Goblinko Embroidered Trash Patch by Goblinko
Trash Patch
Price: $8.00
Embroidered Blow Me Patch by Goblinko Embroidered "Jerk of All Trades" Patch by Nik Scarlett for Sourpuss Clothing Embroidered Good for Nothin' Patch by Kustom Kreeps for Sourpuss Clothing
Blow Me Patch
Price: $8.00
3.5" cream & black sublimation print embroidered Phantom of the Opera Patch Lon Chaney, the "Man of a Thousand Faces," as his iconic role in the 1925 silent horror classic 10" oversized green-haired fanged beauty purple "VAMP" text embroidered patch iron or sew on applique 3" multi-brown color embroidered Wolfman face patch shows Lon Chaney Jr. in his most iconic horror role
Wolfman Patch
Price: $8.00