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Steel Dog Gouger Key Chain by Goblinko Bitch Heart Patch Embroidered Bride of Frankenstein Patch
Devil Face Patch, Iron on Embroidered Frankenstein's Monster Patch by Hollywood Mirror Embroidered Fuck You Rainbow Patch by Hollywood Mirror
Devil Face Patch
Price: 4.50
Embroidered X-Ray Unicorn Patch by Hollywood Mirror Embroidered rainbow Unicorn Patch by Hollywood Mirror Kewpie Doll Patch by Okutani, Iron on, embroidered
Kewpie Patch
Price: 4.50
Ouija Board Patch, Iron on, embroidered Anatomic Heart Patch by hollywood mirror, iron on and embroidered Embroidered Poison Bottle Patch by Hollywood Mirror
Embroidered Tutu Kitty Patch by Hollywood Mirror Embroidered Mermaid Patch by Hollywood Mirror 3.5" Jewelled dagger stabbed red Heart with blood drip embroidered patch
Tutu Kitty Patch
Price: 4.50
Mermaid Patch
Price: 4.50
13" square Ed Roth-inspired "Fink Faces" pillow in vibrantly printed satin with solid black back and black pom-pom trim. Embroidered Spiderweb Collar Point Patch Set in Black by Sourpuss Clothing Embroidered I'm the Cat's Meow Patch by Sourpuss Clothing
Fink Faces Pillow
Price: 16.00
Cat's Meow Patch
Price: 6.50
Embroidered 3" Round Black & White "Cry Baby" Patch by Sourpuss Clothing Silver metal and black enamel open switchblade knife .5" x 1.5" clutch-back pin from Kustom Kreeps by Sourpuss Clothing Straight Razor gold-toned metal and black enamel 1.25" x 1" clutch-back pin from Kustom Kreeps by Sourpuss Clothing
Cry Baby Patch
Price: 6.50
Retro cassette tape shaped faux leather 5.5" black and white coin purse with zipper closure and keyring pull 1 1/8" blue iris bloodshot "Eyeball" Enamel Pin by Goblinko Rock & Rule Enamel Pin by Goblinko
3.5" x 2.5" Photo magnet depicts Kurt Cobain sitting with guitar during Nirvana's 1993 MTV Unplugged performance. Bat Boy weekly World News Cover Magnet Embroidered Dead Kennedys Icon PatchPatch
Bat Boy Magnet
Price: 4.00
Embroidered Dead Kennedys Old English Logo Patch Embroidered Sex Pistols Logo Patch in bright lime green and hot pink AC/DC Logo Patch
AC/DC Logo Patch
Price: 5.00