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1 1/8" blue iris bloodshot "Eyeball" Enamel Pin by Goblinko Rock & Rule Enamel Pin by Goblinko David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Black & White Patch
David Bowie Lightning Bolt Logo Patch C & D Visionary 3.5" x 2.5" Photo magnet depicts Kurt Cobain sitting with guitar during Nirvana's 1993 MTV Unplugged performance. Bat Boy weekly World News Cover Magnet
Bat Boy Magnet
Price: $4.00
Embroidered Dead Kennedys Icon PatchPatch Embroidered Dead Kennedys Old English Logo Patch Embroidered Sex Pistols Logo Patch in bright lime green and hot pink
AC/DC Logo Patch Embroidered Misfits Logo Patch in black with purple outline Embroidered Misfits Crimson Ghost Fiend Skull Patch in black & white
AC/DC Logo Patch
Price: $5.00
Embroidered 4" black and white side view Coffin Patch Embroidered patch featuring DC Comics Batgirl flying down the road on her Cycle, cape aloft in the wind! Embroidered Catwoman with Whip Patch
Coffin Patch
Price: $3.50
Rainbow Pride flag hand peace sign 3.5" embroidered patch. bright green 3.25" standing alien flashing the peace sign embroidered patch Black rectangular 3.5" x2.5" patch with embroidered video game font "GAME OVER"
Peace Alien Patch
Price: $4.50
Game Over Patch
Price: $5.00
Embroidered 3.5" x 2.5" Saturn patch in blue and black 1.5" David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Mick Rock portrait Black & White Metal Button 1.5" Classic Ziggy Stardust Mick Rock portrait of Bowie gazing at you from the mirror Metal Button
Saturn Patch
Price: $4.50
Small Skeleton Middle Finger Embroidered Patch Right by Kreepsville 666 Small Skeleton Middle Finger Patch Embroidered "Every Day Is Halloween" Grey tombstone patch by Kreeepsville 666
Elvira Coffin Beach Towel by Kreepsville 666 EC Comics Tales From The Crypt The Old Witch Enamel Pin Made by Kreepsville 666 EC Comics Tales From The Crypt The Vault-Keeper Enamel Pin Made by Kreepsville 666
EC Comics Tales From The Crypt The Crypt-Keeper Enamel Pin Made by Kreepsville 666 Vampira's Ghoul Gang Patch by Kreepsville 666 Embroidered Stay Sick! Patch by Kreepsville 666
Stay Sick! Patch
Price: $7.50