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white Danzig skull red script logo black background 3.5" embroidered patch 3" green embroidered "Oddball" text patch classic cartoon character Betty Boop as Bride of Frankenstein white, grey, black 4" embroidered patch
Danzig Patch
Price: $6.00
Oddball Patch
Price: $8.50
Goblin Roller red demon album cover art red white black 4 1/8" embroidered patch Kewpie Doll Patch by Okutani, Iron on, embroidered Death's Head Moth Patch
Goblin Roller Patch
Price: $10.50
Kewpie Patch
Price: $4.50
Embroidered Godzilla Patch by Hollywood Mirror skull embellished pink 6" dagger embroidered patch Embroidered Tutu Kitty Patch by Hollywood Mirror
Godzilla Patch
Price: $4.50
Dagger Patch
Price: $8.50
Tutu Kitty Patch
Price: $4.50
Embroidered 3" Marijuana Leaf Patch in kelly green with black stitched outline. 5" Embroidered Blood Drip Patch by Kreepsville 666 arms up pose Yvonne De Carlo as macabre 60s TV mom, Lily Munster 5 1/4" x 5 5/8" embroidered patch
Blood Drip Patch
Price: $5.50
Lily Munster Patch
Price: $13.00
Fred Gwynne as 60s TV dad, Herman Munster 2 7/8" x 5 1/4" embroidered patch Al Lewis in character as Lily's irascible dad, Grandpa Munster 3 1/8" x 5 1/8" embroidered patch Butch Patrick in character as 60s tv show werewolf, Eddie Munster, with his doll Woof-Woof 3 1/2" x 5" embroidered patch
Eddie Munster Patch
Price: $13.00
Uncle Gilbert 60s tv show The Munsters 4 1/8" x 5 3/8" embroidered patch Mars Attacks Cartoon Invader flying saucer 3 3/4" x 4 3/8" embroidered patch "HALLOWEEN QUEEN" orange, purple & black 3.5" embroidered patch
Uncle Gilbert Patch
Price: $13.00
"TRICK OR TREAT" message with skull & crossed bones candy shape orange, yellow, and black 3.5" round embroidered patch "CREATURE" red letters, green monster face on black3.5" embroidered patch 4" black purple green bat-winged lady face "VAMP" embroidered patch
Creature Patch
Price: $8.50
Bat Vamp Patch
Price: $8.50
lingerie-clad Pumpkin Witch with broom posing on jack-o'-lantern orange, green, black 4" embroidered patch Zombie Hand reaching out of ground green, purple, and orange embroidered patch "DEADLY" script scorpion grey & black 4" embroidered patch
Zombie Hand Patch
Price: $8.50
Embroidered Owl Patch by Chico Von Spoon Embroidered 2" Round "13" Patch Embroidered Vintage Deadstock Oregon I Love You Patch
13 Patch
Price: $3.50
3" x 1.5" oval embroidered red background white stitching"Evil Slut" Nametag Patch 3" x 1.5" oval embroidered "Drunk" blue white stitching nametag patch Embroidered Fuck Off & Die Arch Patch