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Vampira in bat-shaped sunglasses "Endless Sleep" eye cover sleep mask elastic strap ergonomic design 8" x 10" gel-filled bust Elvira torso photo image mousepad FEAR More Beer Label T-shirt by Atom Age Industries
Elvira Sleep Mask by Kreepsville 666 pink plastic flamingo shaped pink lens novelty sunglasses clear plastic yellow green details yellow lens oversized novelty pineapple shaped sunglasses
Elvira Sleep Mask
Price: $7.50
yellow white concentric circle pattern lens "x-ray vision" novelty black plastic frame sunglasses blue white concentric circle pattern lens "x-ray vision" novelty black plastic frame sunglasses Shrunken Head Small made of plastic
Shrunken Head large made of plastic and synthetic hair Watermelon clear red sun visor with white stretch band A Nightmare on Elm Street Playing Cards
Watermelon Sun Visor
Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $8.50
Savings: $3.50
Pack of playing cards featuring artist C.M. Coolidge's poker-playing dogs 3 1/2" soft vinyl walking wind-up "high five" hand Hand-blown glass 3 1/2" round smilin' brown pug head tree ornament
Pug Head Ornament
Price: $16.00
8" black kitty mask shaped small purse with top zipper closure and 7" wristlet strap 17" plastic blow mold painted grey zombie cat with swivel head and big yellow moon eye Handpainted plastic blowmold zombie garden gnome lady with bone
Zombie Cat
Price: $20.00
Zombie Gnome - Lady
Price: $16.00
13.5" long novelty plastic cigarette holder costume accessory Embossed silver metal and black plastic novelty cigarette holder Pack of two fake cigarettes--with glittery "burning" tips!
Fake Cigarettes
Price: $1.50
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Playing Cards Pack of playing cards featuring color images from George Romero's 1978 zombie movie classic Dawn of the Dead Edgar Allan Poe vinyl action figure (with raven!), packaged in information-laden book shaped box
decorative tin contains 12 assorted (three colors!) vinyl cupcake shaped latex-free adhesive bandages with sterile pads 4.25" rectangular white unicorn rainbow cotton-candy scented air freshene Boxed set of two 2" bloodshot glittery green-irised white glass eyeball Christmas tree ornaments
Cupcake Bandages
Price: $6.50
Eyeball Ornaments
Price: $12.00
Switchblade Comb Cat Tiki Mugs - Set of Four Different Colors and Designs by Accoutrements Green-eyed black cat sleep mask with elastic band
Switchblade Comb
Price: $8.50
Cat Tiki Mug Set
Price: $29.50