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Vertical 24" x 36" movie poster of "Tarman" from the 1985 zombie comedy, The Return of the Living Dead colorful illustration red script Frankenstein Monster Poster The Texas Chainsaw Massacre "Meat the Sawyers" Poster
David Bowie in his striped jumpsuit and shiny red platform boots for a Ziggy Stardust photo shoot in London 1972 24" x 36" poster yellow "Bowie" Diamond Dogs logo top right corner Beastie Boys & Run-D.M.C. Poster 1954 Universal monster movie Creature from the Black Lagoon 24" x 36" illustrated color original release art poster
24" x 36" black & white photo side view Ramones onstage CBGB's 1977 36" x 24" color photo poster The Runaways at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, OH, 1977 24" x 36" black & white photo The Jam on the street Amsterdam 1977
The Jam Poster
Price: $8.00
24" x 36" poster black & white image of The Smiths, pictured at The Electric Ballroom, London 1983 24" x 36" poster black & white image of Joy Division in Stockport 1979 vertical 24" x 36" poster featuring black & white image of Nick Cave silhouetted in window at the Astoria Hotel, Brussels 1989
The Clash at Mogador Theatre Poster Siouxsie Sioux 1981 Poster Rocky Horror Picture Show 24" x 26" poster featuring Tim Curry's Dr. Frank N. Furter lounging on Patricia Quinn's iconic lips beneath the dripping blood font movie title
Black & white photo of The Cramps classic 1980 lineup of Poison Ivy, Lux Interior, Bryan Gregory and Nick Knox, showing a come-hither gesture from Lux and Ivy's lovely smile 36" x 24" poster 1958 sci-fi movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman illustrated 24" x 36" color original release poster art poster Tom Waits Small Change Poster
Frazetta "Egyptian Queen" image 24" x 36" vertical Poster 24" x 36" Thin Lizzy Phil Lynott London 1977 Concert Color Photo Poster "I Want to Believe" flying saucer 24" x 36" poster X-Files
Thin Lizzy Poster
Price: $8.00
Black & white photo of The Cramps backstage at the Electric Ballroom, Camden Town, London 21st March 1980 36" x 24" poster Black & white 24" x 36" poster close-up portrait of Lon Chaney, Jr. in makeup for his classic title role in 1941 Universal Pictures' The Wolf Man 1984 Purple Rain era Prince vertical image 24" x 36" Poster
The Cramps Poster
Price: $8.00
Prince Poster
Price: $8.00
House on Haunted Hill Poster Debbie Harry London 1978 Poster The Kinks Poster
The Kinks Poster
Price: $8.00
Bride of Frankenstein 24" x 36" vertical black & white photograph poster Elsa Lanchester Dracula 24" x 36" movie poster Bela Lugosi The Monkees photographLondon 1967 black & white 24" x 33" poster